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Personal support

The comfort and the function of the Absorin products depend entirely on putting them on the right way. That is why we have developed user-friendly ways together with professional caregivers to use the materials properly.
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Wearing the right size is essential when using incontinence products. If leakage is experienced, it is important to check that the size is right as well as the absorption level. 
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Lifestyle advice about daily issues

People suffering from incontinence encounter many problems in daily life. For example, there are social-emotional problems like shame. A few recommendations are given below that can help reduce your burden in daily life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Packaging
  • Composition of products
  • The use of the material
  • Reimbursements
  • Ordering
  • How many items in a package?
    That differs from product to product. The product folder lists all products along with a description of the type of product including the number of products in a package.
  • Are the items of a product individually wrapped?
    The Finettes and Levels are individually wrapped (except the Finette Ultra Mini and the Finette Maxi Night). The other materials (Sanette, Mincy, Pants, Slips and T-Fits) are placed without a wrapper in the packaging.
  • What do the colours on the packaging mean?
    For the Sanette, Pants, T-fits and Slips, colour on the packaging is used to indicate the level of absorption. From light to heavy, the sequence is: blue - greenish blue - bright green - purple - yellow - grey.
  • Why is the material packed so tightly?
    All materials in the Absorin factories are packed as compactly as possible so they can be transported while flattened. This is better for the environment and better for you the user because the packages are smaller.
  • How is the absorption of a product determined?

    The extent of absorption is determined by the number of millilitres that the material can absorb according to the ISO norm. ISO is a standard uniform measurement method to determine the maximum uptake of the material.

  • Does the product also protects against smell?

    It is important that the material fits tightly against the body and snugly in the groin. Tip: ensure that your underwear is stretchy and fits closely to the body. See the positioning instructions on the product page.

  • What category of waste does the absorbent material belong in?

    Absorbent incontinence material can simply be thrown away with household waste. In some municipalities the incontinence material is collected separately. Look at the municipality website for details.

  • Do Absorin products have an expiry date?
    All absorbent materials have an expiry date, and thus Absorin products do as well. The expiry date is printed on the package.
  • Do Absorin products contain plasticisers?
    No, Absorin products do not contain PVC and thus no plasticisers.
  • Why must I activate the product?
    Activating means that you fold the material in half lengthways so it takes on the right body shape. The material will fit closely to your body and prevent leakage and possibly skin injury.
  • How do I determine the right size?
    The size must always be determined by measuring the widest part of the hips just above the pubis. Clothing sizes differ depending on the brand and thus are not reliable for determining size.
  • What can cause the urine to be absorbed poorly?
    The most common cause is that the product does not fit tightly against the body. We advise you to check the size and follow the positioning instructions. If this does not fix the problem, please contact us.
  • Does incontinence material also absorb faeces and diarrhoea?
    No, when faeces leak, the material must always be changed as quickly as possible. With ‘solid stools’, you can use an inlay that catches the stool. You can subsequently remove this inlay from the material without having to change it.
  • How can I prevent redness and blisters in the groin?
    Redness and blisters in the groin usually develop through pulling and rubbing of the skin by incontinence material that is too tight. We advise you to check the size and follow the positioning instructions. If this does not fix the problem, please contact us.
  • When do I have to change the material?
    The material is designed to absorb urine so it cannot go back through the upper layer. This means the product does not have to be changed with every drop of urine leakage. As a guideline, we suggest changing 3 times a day. Do you need more products? Please contact us so we can examine whether you are using the most suitable material in your situation. The Sanette, T-Fit and Slips contain a urine-indicator that shows when the product is saturated.
  • Can Absorin T-Fit be pulled on ‘back to front'?
    Yes, it can. This is often done when people need assistance while standing. It is easier in that case to fix the product at the back.
  • Why must the lowest stickers with Absorin Slip be secured first?
    The lowest sticker creates a tight fit of the pad in the groin and can prevent you pulling incorrectly on the pad. A good fit in the groin is crucial to prevent leakages and redness and blisters in the groin. Then you can use the upper stickers to adjust the shape to the waist. See the positioning instructions if needed.
  • Am I entitled to reimbursement for absorbent material?

    People aged 5 years and older with incontinence and/or loss of bowel control are entitled to reimbursement of medical devices from the basic healthcare. A condition for reimbursement by the healthcare insurance is that a medical specialist has issued an authorisation for this:

    • If the loss of bowel control has lasted longer than 2 weeks or the loss of bladder control longer than 2 months.
    • To support pelvic floor muscle exercises or bladder training for loss of bladder control as long as the therapy continues.

    Brief episodes of incontinence, like those due to pregnancy or after surgery, do not provide an indication. People with a life expectancy shorter than 4 months form an exception to this.

  • Who can issue the medical indication/authorisation?
    The authorisation is always issued by a medical specialist. A prescription for the materials can be issued by a medical specialist or by a GP, doctor or continence nurse.
  • Do the same criteria apply to people in a terminal phase?
    No, other criteria apply to them. Your medical specialist, GP or continence nurse can help you with this.
  • Do I have to request an authorisation from my GP for a different or heavier material?
    No, that’s not necessary. A staff member of the medical specialist shop will run through a series of questions with you. The healthcare insurer needs this information for the reimbursement.
  • Does the mandatory excess apply to absorbent material?
    The absorbent material is reimbursed through the basic insurance package.
  • Is there a contribution to make for absorbent material?
    There is no personal contribution for absorbent material.
  • Are children under 3 years old entitled to reimbursement?
    Children under 3 years old are never entitled to reimbursement for absorbent material.
  • Are children over 3 years and under 5 years old entitled to reimbursement?
    Children aged between 3 and 5 years are eligible for reimbursement of absorbent material if they suffer from an unnatural (not physiological) form of incontinence due to an anatomic aberration of the urinary tract or intestines or a neurological condition known to result in the child never being continent.
  • Are children aged 5 years and older entitled to reimbursement?

    Children aged 5 years and older are considered eligible in the case of absorbent material:

    • If the loss of bowel control has lasted longer than 2 weeks or the loss of bladder control longer than 2 months.
    • To support pelvic floor muscle exercises or bladder training for loss of bladder control as long as the therapy continues.
  • Where can I order Absorin?
    You can only order Absorin products from medical specialist stores and pharmacies. For more information, please complete the contact form.
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