Absorin Pants

Absorin Pants is an absorbent pad and pants in one, suitable for both men and women. It can be worn like normal underwear and is thus suitable for people with restricted hand function (who cannot remove an adhesive strip covering), visual impairment or cognitive impairment like dementia.

Absorin Pants is suitable for moderate to heavy urine leakage.

  • Perfect Fit; anatomically shaped pad with elastic material, always fits closely.
  • Cotton feel & breathable; feels as soft as cotton and breathes without letting moisture through.
  • Fast Dry Concept; unique construction with 5 layers ensures that urine is absorbed quickly
  • Anti-leak edges; raised edges prevent leakage of urine and loose stools.

Absorin Pants assortment

REF Description Hip size  ZI-index 
 1230 Pant Slimfit M till 120 cm 15446743
 1240 Pant Slimfit L till 145 cm 15446751
 10511205 Pant Plus XS till 55 cm 15936872
 1255-A Pant Plus M till 120 cm 15787001
 1235-A Pant Plus L till 145 cm 15787028
 1245-A Pant Plus XL till 165 cm 15787036
 10511315 Pants Fit S till 90 cm 15903745
 11325 Pants Fit M till 120 cm 15903753
 11335 Pants Fit L till 145 cm 15903761
 10511345 Pants Fit XL till 165 cm 15903788
 10511275 Pants Super M till 105 cm 15903931
 10511285 Pants Super L till 130 cm 15903958
 10511295 Pants Super XL till 165 cm 15903966
 10511255 Comfort Pants Plus XXL > 195 16938259
 10511305 Comfort Pants Super XXL > 195 16938275

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