Absorin Fix Normal

Absorin Fix Normal Stretch are fixation pants for incontinence pads without an adhesive strip.
  • Soft, skin-friendly lycra pants with optimal wearing comfort (latex-free)
  • Perfect distribution of elastic ensures secure fixation of the pad against the body
  • Semi-disposable: can be washed around 20 times
  • Washable up to 60 degrees, do not dry in a drier
  • Available in five sizes from 45 cm to 160 cm hip circumference

Colour coding makes the sizes easily recognisable:

S 45-90 cm (yellow)
M 80-105 cm (blue)
L 90-125 cm (brown)
XL 110-145 cm (green)
XXL 100-160 cm (orange)

Absorin Fix assortment

REF Description Size  ZI-index 
4020 Fixation pants Normal S 15578046
4030 Fixation pants Normal M 15822362
4040 Fixation pants Normal L 15578054
4042 Fixation pants Normal XL 15822370
4050 Fixation pants Normal XXL 15578062


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