Absorin Sanette

Absorin Sanette is suitable for moderate to heavy urine leakage and/or slight faeces leakage. The incontinence pad is worn with your own elastic underwear (tight-fitting) or with Absorin fixation pants. 

Absorin Sanette is an incontinence pad that can be worn for an extra long time (day and night) and is suitable for both men and women.

  • Perfect Fit; anatomically shaped pad with elastic material, always fits closely.
  • Cotton feel & breathable; feels as soft as cotton and breathes without letting moisture through.
  • Fast Dry Concept; thanks to the 5-layer construction, the urine is quickly absorbed, the skin remains dry, and leakage and skin injury are prevented.
  • Anti-leak edges; raised edges prevent leakage of urine and loose stools.
  • Urine indicator; when this has mostly changed colour, the pad is saturated and must be changed.

Absorin Sanette assortment

REF Description Length  Absorption  ZI-index 
10517308 Sanette Day Light Blue 55 cm 1.250 ml 16222636
10517310 Sanette Day Soft Blue 55 cm 1.580 ml 16222644
10517320 Sanette Day Extra Green 63 cm 2.150 ml 16222652
10517330 Sanette Night Purple 63 cm 2.600 ml 16222660
10517340 Sanette Heavy Yellow 63 cm 3.350 ml 16222679
10517350 Sanette Ultra Grey 63 cm 3.500 ml 16222687


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