It's the little things that make life worthwhile

I am an active woman, 90 years old, mother of 1 son aged 56, a daughter aged 52 and four grandchildren. Around ten years ago, I started suffering from faecal incontinence, along with urinary incontinence. I am thus double incontinent. But I don’t want to sit at home staring out the window.
The urinary incontinence is less disturbing to me than the involuntary bowel leakage. That plays a role in my life, because I cannot trust my gut anymore. Therefore, I order Absorin Sanette every two months. I use a Sanette because they are easy to change, and I can trust that the diarrhoea will be properly absorbed.”

“It’s the little things that make life worthwhile. Opening the curtains in the morning and being treated to a beautiful sky with clouds. Or visiting the new theatre in our village. We also meet up with six friends every Saturday evening to enjoy each other’s company over a drink. Then we are allowed to complain a bit about our troubles. Our ages range from 78 to 90 years. Elderly people have to do something.”

- Ms Manupassa, 90
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