Absorin Slip

Absorin Slip is a one-piece, absorbent incontinence material for men and women that is fixed with four multi-grip fixation strips. Absorin Slip is used for moderate to very heavy urine leakage and loose stools.

Absorin Slip is available in six different varieties and four increasing absorption capacities, for day and night.

  • Perfect Fit; anatomically shaped pad with elastic material, always fits closely.
  • Cotton feel & breathable; feels as soft as cotton and breathes without letting moisture through.
  • Fast Dry Concept; thanks to the 5-layer construction, the urine is quickly absorbed, the skin remains dry, and leakage and skin injury are prevented.
  • Anti-leak edges; raised edges prevent leakage of urine and loose stools.
  • Urine indicator; when this has mostly changed colour, the pad is saturated and must be changed.

Absorin Slip assortment

REF Description Hip size  ZI-index 
0805 Slip Day XXS till 60 cm 14843501
0808-A Slip Day XS till 75 cm 15828336
0720-A Slip Day M till 115 cm 15828336
0730-A Slip Day L till 145 cm 15786889
0840-A Slip Day XL till 170 cm 15827844
0815-A Slip Day/Night S till 90 cm 15786854
0822-A Slip Day/Night M till 115 cm 15786870
0832-A Slip Day/Night L till 145 cm 15786897
0842-A Slip Day/Night XL till 170 cm 15829340
0910-A Slip Night/Heavy S till 90 cm 15974979
0920-A Slip Night/Heavy M till 115 cm 15923576
0930-A Slip Night/Heavy L till 145 cm 15923584
0940-A Slip Night/Heavy XL till 170 cm 15829332
1022-A Slip Night/Ultra M till 115cm 15974987
1032-A Slip Night/Ultra L till 145 cm 15974995
1042-A Absorin Slip Ultra XL till 175 cm 16993543


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