Absorin Mincy

Absorin Mincy is an incontinence pad specially developed for men with slight to moderate urine leakage. Absorin Mincy has a fit and size that matches the anatomical shape of a man. The incontinence products are practically invisible when worn in tight-fitting (elastic) men’s underwear.
  • Perfect Fit; anatomically shaped pad with elastic material, always fits closely.
  • Cotton feel & breathable; feels as soft as cotton and breathes without letting moisture through.
  • Fast Dry Concept; unique construction with 5 layers ensures that urine is absorbed quickly

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Productleaflet Mincy

Absorin Mincy assortment

REF Description Length  ZI-index 
 6400 Mincy Light 20 cm 15269108
 6500 Mincy Normal 34 cm 15356590

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