Just talk about it

In the toilet at my house, packs of incontinence pads just sit there out in the open. I feel you should not be ashamed if you are incontinent. In my experience, it is best just to talk about it. After the birth of my youngest daughter I suffer from urinary leakage all day long.
I have two lovely daughters of 4 and 7 years old. During the birth of my youngest daughter Lisa, there were many complications. Lisa’s heart rate dropped suddenly because she was stuck. It was a matter of life and death to get her out as quickly as possible. A vacuum pump was applied, and two nurses pushed on my belly, leading to a total rupture.

I have gone through pelvic floor physiotherapy, but the damage was so great that I now suffer from dribbles of urinary leakage all day long. When I sneeze, play sports, laugh, sometimes even walking up the stairs. Lisa has just started primary school. When I see her walking with her school bag, I feel so very happy. It could have turned out very differently, and in turn there are now Absorin Finette pads in the toilet. If other people find that strange, that’s their problem.”

- Saar, 36

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